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Re: [Samba] [ctdb]Unable to run startrecovery event(if mail content is encrypted, please see the attached file)

Thanks for reporting this.  It looks very interesting and we will fix
it all as soon as we understand it!  :-)

On Wed, 5 Sep 2018 16:29:31 +0800 (CST), "zhu.shangzhong--- via samba"
<samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> There is a 3 nodes ctdb cluster is running. When one of 3 nodes is
> powered down, lots of logs will be wrote to log.ctdb.

Can you please let us know what version of Samba/CTDB you're using?

Note that you're referring to nodes 1, 2, 3 while CTDB numbers the
nodes 0, 1, 2.  In fact, the situation is a little more confused than

> Power down node3
> The node1 log is as follow:
> 2018/09/04 04:29:33.402108 ctdbd[10129]: node is dead: 1 connected
> 2018/09/04 04:29:33.414817 ctdbd[10129]: Tearing down connection to dead node :0

It appears that the node you're calling node 3 is the one CTDB calls
node 0!  Can you please post the output of "ctdb status" when all nodes
are up and running?

I'm guessing that your nodes file looks like:


> node1: repeat logs:
> 2018/09/04 04:35:06.414369 ctdbd[10129]: Recovery has started
> 2018/09/04 04:35:06.414944 ctdbd[10129]: connect() failed, errno=111
> 2018/09/04 04:35:06.415076 ctdbd[10129]: Unable to run startrecovery event

is due to this:

> 2018/09/04 04:29:55.570212 ctdb-eventd[10131]: Bad talloc magic value - wrong talloc version used/mixed
> 2018/09/04 04:29:57.240533 ctdbd[10129]: Eventd went away

We have fixed a similar issue in some versions.  When we know what
version you are running then we can say whether it is a known issue or
a new issue.

I have been working on the following issue for most of this week:

> 2018/09/04 04:29:52.465663 ctdbd[10129]: This node (1) is now the recovery master
> 2018/09/04 04:29:55.468771 ctdb-recoverd[11302]: Election period ended
> 2018/09/04 04:29:55.469404 ctdb-recoverd[11302]: Node 2 has changed flags - now 0x8  was 0x0
> 2018/09/04 04:29:55.469475 ctdb-recoverd[11302]: Remote node 2 had flags 0x8, local had 0x0 - updating local
> 2018/09/04 04:29:55.469514 ctdb-recoverd[11302]: ../ctdb/server/ctdb_recoverd.c:1267 Starting do_recovery
> 2018/09/04 04:29:55.469525 ctdb-recoverd[11302]: Attempting to take recovery lock (/share-fs/export/ctdb/.ctdb/reclock)
> 2018/09/04 04:29:55.563522 ctdb-recoverd[11302]: Unable to take recovery lock - contention
> 2018/09/04 04:29:55.563573 ctdb-recoverd[11302]: Unable to get recovery lock - aborting recovery and ban ourself for 300 seconds
> 2018/09/04 04:29:55.563585 ctdb-recoverd[11302]: Banning node 1 for 300 seconds

Are you able to recreate this every time?  Sometimes?  Rarely?

I hadn't seen this until recently and I'm now worried that it is more
widespread than we realise.


peace & happiness,

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