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Re: [Samba] winbindd crashing -- how to auto-heal?

El 3/9/18 a les 17:48, Rowland Penny via samba ha escrit:

It doesn't make sense:

1) why should I need to run smbd if I'm not providing cifs services
to other computers?

What are you using the computer for then, it surely isn't for
authentication, that is coming from the DC.

I'm using it for what the winbindd man page says:

"winbindd is a daemon that provides a number of services to the Name Service Switch capability found in most modern C libraries, to arbitrary applications via PAM and ntlm_auth and to Samba itself.

Even if winbind is not used for nsswitch, it still provides a service to smbd, ntlm_auth and the pam_winbind.so PAM module, by managing connections to domain controllers."

2) why does winbindd work for many days even with smbd not running?
Shouldn't it just barf at startup or after a short wait if it really
needs smbd?

I am not saying winbind will not run by itself, it just really needs
'smbd' to be useful.

Uh? It's perfectly useful by itself to provide the services mentioned in its manpage.

In any case I prefer my plaster instead of running a service that I
don't need and could open the server to several vulnerabilities.

Then put up with winbind dying on a regular basis.

That's not because smbd is not running.

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