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Re: [Samba] before I go to 4.8.5 DC

Am 31.08.18 um 20:44 schrieb Rowland Penny via samba:

Stefan, it is just telling you that 'ldb_wrap' is opening 'secrets.ldb'
without problems. If you have 'log level' set to anything other than 0,
then comment it out and they may go away, otherwise you will have to
put up with the messages, they are harmless.

ah, I see, great to know :-)

for sure I have log level > 0 (I think 1 at that site) to get a minimum of logging. Or is it an old school assumption that "0" means "no logs" ? No issue, I can look it up in the docs if I really need to ...

I plan to wait for Louis moving the deb-pkgs for 4.8.5 into the "stable repos" and then upgrade the 2 DCs first, then the file server. If that works out well, next site, same procedure.

greets, Stefan

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