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Re: [Samba] gencache.tdb size and cache flush

On Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 11:08:55AM +0200, Peter Eriksson via samba wrote:
> # tdbtool gencache.tdb check
> Database integrity is OK and has 495309 records

> # tdbtool gencache.tdb keys | egrep IDMAP/ | wc -l
>    88974
> # tdbtool gencache.tdb keys | egrep RA/ | wc -l
>   406311

(The number of IDMAP records I sort of can understand - our AD server contains some 100k users). But 406k RA records?

> # tdbtool gencache.tdb dump | egrep -A4 RA/ | sed -e 's:/: :' | awk '($1 == > # "[000]") {print $20}'|sort|uniq -c
> 2001 OSX
> 374245 Sam
> 30080 Vis

(“VIs” = Vista, “Sam” = Samba). 374245 “Samba” records seems a bit excessive. Our servers are mostly serving Windows 7 and Windows 10 clients. The most active “Samba” clients should be our Nagios monitoring system...

On one of our servers right now (gencache.tdb deleted at 7am, it’s now 11am):

root@filur01:/var/samba/cache # tdbtool gencache.tdb check
Database integrity is OK and has 14768 records.

root@filur01:/var/samba/cache # tdbtool gencache.tdb dump | egrep -A4 RA/ | sed -e 's:/: :' | awk '($1 == "[000]") {print $20}' | sort | uniq -c
 328 OSX
1171 Sam
  84 Vis

The “Sam” count is continuously growing for every time I rerun that command (like 5-10 records per minute right now). The other counters go up/down with the number of clients connecting. Right now that server has some 390 SMB clients (mostly Windows 10) connected.

looks like arch caching based on client GUID as record key is inflating gencache.

Two options: rip out arch caching or add an option that makes arch caching configurable.

Oh, what a mess...


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