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Re: [Samba] Is there a good web interface now to manage Samba?

Yes, there is a lot of web utilities to manage the ldap structure, but  I don't know if there is a web solution to manage the AD as a whole, or maybe a collection of tools to do it separately.

Y could try to do it by log in to the samba server and using the cli (samba-tool, etc.) by I suspect that it would be a headache !!!

El 29/08/18 a las 03:41, mj via samba escribió:

In the past, we used lam:


But afaik it will only do the users and groups, perhaps OUs, but not the GPO / DNS.


On 08/27/2018 06:21 PM, Denis Morejon via samba wrote:
I pretend not to use RSAT on Windows any more. I use Linux as workstation and I have to access a Wondows 7 Virtual Machine with RSAT in order to manage AD.

Is there any web based project?

I usually work with these topics:

- Manage users and groups

- Manage OUs

- Manage GPOs

- Manage DNS

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