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[Samba] Renaming a folder while other smbd-users have files opened

A rather basic issue, but very important -> the following happened to me today:

samba-4.8.3 on a debian stretch machine, AD-domain-member


	comment = Daten
	create mask = 0775
	directory mask = 02775
	force directory mode = 0775
	path = /mnt/samba/
	read only = No
	veto oplock files = /*.DAT/*.dat/


More than 10 users have files open in there, doing their work mostly inside the subfolder \\server\daten\Daten (yes, ugly path ... anyway)

"user11" incidentally clicks "rename" on that folder "Daten", deletes the whole name in the process, doesn't *remember* that it was "Daten" and types "Klienten" (german for "clients", doesn't matter here, just to be precise), hits OK or Save or whatever.

Unfortunately that *works* while hundreds of files are opened by others, resulting in dozens of processes hanging ... and leads to an urgency call to yours truly.

(I killed all the samba-processes, stopped them, moved the files back and restarted ... )


why does that work? why isn't that blocked/forbidden/not allowed?
Do we miss something, could it be regulated better by setting ACLs or so?

For sure I plan to upgrade to 4.8.5 asap, but I assume that the above topic is not a bug-related-behavior.


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