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Re: [Samba] NT3.x -> AD: accounts and profiles

Em 27/08/2018 10:31, Marco Gaiarin via samba escreveu:
Mandi! Marcio Vogel Merlone dos Santos via samba
   In chel di` si favelave...
run the profiles tool:
The 'profile' manpage say:

	It currently only supports NT.

so probably it is needed to change the SID in the old domain, before
Not sure what you mean, I run the tool over the profile as it is on the old domain _before_ loading into a workstation (login). You cannot change the SID on a profile for a new domain on the old one.

I make a copy on the new server and there I run the tool as I believe is supposed to, correct me if I am wrong. Anyway, errors remain on tool and is not usable by now.

Best regards,

*Marcio Merlone*
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