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[Samba] Help needed with test Debian Jessie samba latest packages. 4.6 4.7 4.8

Im in the need of some help with testing the latest builds. 
Im catching up with my work and packages, after the family things. 
First ready set is for Debian Jessie, available for testing. 
samba 4.6(.16) and  4.7(.9) and as of today also 4.8(.4)
Mail me for the repo info, these are not public anounced and are not the the sites. 
Only if im sure and some others have tested these also i'll post the info in public. 
My basic tests look ok, i bit out of time for the good test, so any help is very apriciated. 
The next 45 min im able to answer. 
@Rowland, i'll send you a copy of the repo info ahead. 
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