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Re: [Samba] Can't connect after Ubuntu 18.04.1 Upgrade???

TRvs> I have a server which we use for backing up files. 
TRvs> Noticed there was an upgrade available to 18.04.1. 
TRvs> Now I cannot connect to from my win7 machine to the Ubuntu share. 
TRvs> Any thoughts on what would have changed??? 
TRvs> Tom 

It could be a host of things...
What is the current configuration?
AD server, stand-alone Samba CIFS share, etc?

One issue with 18.04 and Samba AD is that Systemd.resolved and the internal samba DNS server conflict with each other. [Just one example.]
Knowing a bit more about your configuration will be helpful in giving more useful answers.

And have you checked the logs? 
Any error messages?

Descriptions like: "It don't work no more." are not very helpful in general - there's so many ways it could be broken. We can't realistically list them all.

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