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Re: [Samba] Centos 7 AD domain provision won't create named.conf


I don't know about provisioning, but when joining as DC to existing domain samba 4.8.3 with dns backend BIND9_DLZ all the bind related files are created inside "samba/bind-dns" directory inside /usr/local/samba, instead of the previous samba/private. I think there is new option to specify directory, were all bind related files are to be kept, and samba/bind-dns is the default value.

Also, as a sidenote I noticed myself wrong behaviour of --dns-backend option during join of DC to existing domain with samba 4.8.3:

If i run:

samba-tool domain join my.domain DC --dns-backend=BIND9_DLZ -U'DOMAIN\Administrator'

in my samba directory there will be "bind-dns" directory created, with "named.conf" inside, but file permissions are wrong (root:root instead of root:named), and named.keytab is created inside samba/private/.

Once i run after join:

samba_dnsupgrade --dns-backend=BIND9_DLZ

All the files are created as they should (/samba/bind-dns/ has correct permissions and named.keytab is created/moved to this directory as well).

This behaviour is repetitive, on centos 7.5 at least.


W dniu 03.07.2018 o 01:45, Alberto Moreno via samba pisze:
Hi guys.

I'm preparing my migration from samab NT4 style to AD.

I had follow some papers about, exist 1 step that I still don't if is right
or don't.

A lot of site show that once we run the command:

samba-tool domain provision ...
using BIND9_DLZ

This step will create a named.conf inside ./private/named.conf

I have run a lot of times the command, but won't see this file.

Is normal?

I have download the latest samba 4.8.3, running centos 7 update fresh


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