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[Samba] How to Join Mac OSX workstation as AD domain member

Does anyone know how to join a Mac OSX (High Sierra 10.13.5) workstation to a Samba4 domain, or
know of a wiki/howto document describing this process? Web searches have turned up plenty of
info on running OSX as a Samba4 server, but I can't find anything on joining as a domain

I do believe I've actually joined (Bind in apple-speak) the workstation itself to the domain
using the System Preferences > Users & Groups > Network Account Server.  That does show my
domain name with a green dot (OK status?).  And when I list network computer on the AD server
it does list this Mac computer. 

Problem is, I cannot log in as a domain user. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but I can't
figure out what.

Any help greatly appreciated.

THX --Mark

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