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Re: [Samba] Proper sysvol permissions

On Fri, 22 Jun 2018 22:39:17 +0200 (CEST)
Michal via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> > Two questions, why do you have 4 directories under sysvol, when all
> > that should be there (according to your smb.conf) is
> > 'nemuh.cz'<br><br>  I suppose these other directories was created
> > during my first attempts to install Samba AD some time ago. 

OK, makes sense, but I would remove the ones you don't need.

> where did '544' come from ?

>  No idea, sorry.

You must have some idea, by default '544' is the RID for
'Administrators' and, on a Samba AD DC, I would expect a number in the
'3000000' range, so you must have changed it.

> > provision Samba, did you follow the Samba wiki
> or some other web page ?<br>  <br>  The server is Centos and I did
> not find AD ready Centos samba package. 

Apart from the Sernet packages, there are no readily available AD DC
packages for Centos (Cue somebody saying 'have you tried these ?')

>So I compiled samba from
> sources<br>and install it myself (configure
> --prefix /usr/local/samba.ad ..., make, make install).  

I wouldn't have bothered with the 'prefix', Samba would then have ended
up in '/usr/local/samba'

>  Then I
> run samba-tool (repeatedly, this is my 1st samba ad installation) in
> "interactive" mode. 

If you are going to do this, then can I suggest that you delete the
main Samba dir (/usr/local/samba.ad in your case) and then run 'make'

>I've read a lot of web pages,

Well, give up reading random webpages, read the Samba wiki instead:


Any questions or things you don't understand, please ask.

> > Yes, bind as DNS, yes,
> > running on the DC. Installed just for this samba instance. I have
> > been using bind on <br>my other servers for years and I was hoping
> > I have better control over DNS (no luck; I love bind9 text
> > zones<br>files, but samba AD DNS is a f..ing blackbox, as black as
> > Samba's internal ldap server. Very annoying for me <br>after years
> > with openldap, used for Samba v3).<br><br>  Thanks, Michal<br>

Ah, if you are used to setting up Bind9, then you might have set it up
correctly for Bind9, but wrong for a Samba AD DC. Have you put the zone
files into the bind config ?

Perhaps reading this might help:



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