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Re: [Samba] Password complexity checks and local users...

On Thu, 21 Jun 2018 12:17:38 +0200
Marco Gaiarin via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Mandi! Rowland Penny via samba
>   In chel di` si favelave...
> > It doesn't have to contain punctuation:
> Ahem, i've write 'punctuation' but i meant 'Non-alphanumeric
> characters'. Sorry.
> > So, as I am sure you can see, 'kaaPxvqEXW' only passes the first
> > two. It contains uppercase and lowercase, but neither numbers or
> > punctuation.
> Exactly i supposed. Thanks.
> > I think you need to look very closely at your 'winadminpassword'
> > script, it should only produce passwords that meet your set
> > complexity, perhaps tie it into obtaining the complexity set in AD.
> Ok. True.
> But my question really is: why this policy apply, if i've not enabled
> in GPO?

Probably because GPOs have no effect on a Samba AD DC, they will only
effect Windows clients.


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