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[Samba] hosts allow option is not applaying without restart smbd


I have a lot of servers with CentOS 7 and samba 4 (classic domain
controllers), differnt versions (4.4.4, 4.6.2...).

I have found that changes hosts allow option are not applaying without
restart smbd.

I have tried:
systemctl reload smbd.service
killall -1 smbd
pkill -HUP smbd
smbcontrol smbd reload-config

but client I have added does not have access.

I see strange messages in system log:

Jun 20 15:50:20 nvkzsrv smbd[29943]: [2018/06/20 15:50:20.705223,  0]
Jun 20 15:50:20 nvkzsrv smbd[29943]:  Denied connection from (

Where is an address I have added in hosts allow.

Changes are applaying when I restart smbd, but I can not do it while
there are a lot of opened files on servers.

Can someone explain me what does it mean?

How can I applay changes without restart smbd?

Thanks in advance.

Vladimir Eltsov

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