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Re: [Samba] Help Python API Samba4 -- Project Web Admin Manager Samba4

On Mon, 18 Jun 2018 07:13:01 -0300
Nilton OS <jniltinho@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  Hi Rowland,
> I think I know what the problem is, but I can not even try to try
> and fix it, because 'go_samba4' is a binary BLOB.
> *Right, I created this package with Pyinstaller so the user does not
> need to install any python lib for the application to work, but you
> can fix it directly on github.*

BAD IDEA, just tell people what to install.
> I am sorry, but I can not recommend any opensource project if it
> relies on a binary BLOB, especially one that is 30.2 MB in size.
> *At that point I needed to deliver something functional, I'm starting
> development, this will change throughout the project.*

Yes, I understand this, but better to start right in the first
place ;-)
If people cannot read your code, they cannot point out errors or
supply better ways of doing things, it falls on you and that way
usually leads to failure.
> I still think 'go-samba4' is a very poor name, especially as it
> does not seem to be written in 'go' any more, also what are you going
> to of when Samba hits version 5?
> *The goal of the project is that it is easy to install for the end
> user, no matter if it is developed in Golang or Pyton, I will soon
> change it to Golang, but first I need to create the Python API in
> JSON to interact with the libs of Samba.*

I wouldn't bother with 'go', I would stick with python, it must be
easier to link your python to our python in the 'samba' libs.
> You could test again, as I made some changes to calls to the Samba
> libs, this should correct this error.

Unless you can provide me with python code for the 'go_samba4' blob, I
do not think I will bother, I like to see the code I am running, even
if I don't fully understand it ;-)


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