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Re: [Samba] two samba servers just stopped working :-(

Not sure why I didn't get my own posting.. Anyway, if anyone is interested I
finally got to the bottom of it.


As stated I am using these samba file servers as my ansible control hosts.
I am running playbooks against windows VM to configure software, run windows
updates configure services.


I had started thinking this is a Kerberos problem,  and that keys were not
getting renewed automatically - it had been about a month since I had set up
each server. but looked in krb5.conf and keylife was 7 days.


Finally stepped away from the computer to walk the dog and it hit me I
hadn't run a playbook against a windows box for over a week - .  Ansible is
renewing the keys.  DOH.


I guess I need to figure out how to handle Kerberos and keys with Samba.
The document I followed to setup my Samba file server makes no mention of
Kerberos, it was pretty much dumb luck I got it to work in the first place.




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