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Re: [Samba] Domain Member Computer not showing in ADUC

On Sat, 9 Jun 2018 22:58:11 +0200 Henry Jensen <hjensen@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> Am Sat, 09 Jun 2018 16:22:09 -0400
> schrieb Mark Foley <mfoley@xxxxxxxxx>:
> > I've downloaded the Samba 4.8.2 package from the Slackware64 current
> > repository. I am preparing to install the package (after a full
> > backup). Are there any gotcha's you know about that I should be aware
> > of when upgrading the package from 4.4.16? I know that on one upgrade
> > various .mdb files got moved to different directories which screwed
> > me up for a while.
> > 
> > THX --Mark
> It is not advisable to run a binary package from Slackware current on
> Slackware 14.2 - the gap between 14.2 and current  is pretty big
> now, so there is a good chance, the package won't work.
> But you can grab the source files along with the SlackBuild script from
> http://ftp.slackware.com/pub/slackware/slackware-current/source/n/samba/
> and rebuild Samba on Slackware 14.2.
> As far as the ugrade is concerned: I don't know. The best advice would
> be, to test it first on a non-productive Server.

Henry - thanks. I've built from source, as you suggested. Things seems to be running as per
usual, although those things that were not working well before are still not working well. I'll
post new messages about my issues, but at least I have a more up-to-date version of Samba


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