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Re: [Samba] sambaundoguidindex

> >      You should only need to run this script if doing a in place 
> > upgrade from 4.7.x to 4.8.0 or 4.8.1 fails. I see you are using 4.8.2.
> > This should have been fixed. Did you upgrade from 4.7.x to 4.8.2 and 
> > have
> issues?
> >
> > Most likely you will need to restore from backup or create a new DC 
> > if you can't run the script.
> If that isn't an option for some reason, then a dump of the database 
> backend files using ldbdump, and then a re-create of the files with 
> ldbadd might be possible, but I haven't got an automated script for 
> that yet (probably something we will need to do in aid of the LMDB port however).
> You would still need to do the other steps that script does, and then 
> finish with a samba-tool dbcheck --reindex
> In short, hopefully a backup was made.

I did an upgrade from 4.7.6 to 4.8.0, I't broke perms, didn't notice it right away, just some app wouldn't start due to perm issue.
I allready tried the undoguidindex with no luck so I waited until 4.8.2 and trie dit instead (didn't worked)

As backup stands, there was a lack of config of my part.....
Is the following step the good way to try to restore ?

Stop samba 4.8.2
LDBDump database into a file
Drop the old database file
LDBadd file into a new database.
Run sambaundoguidindex
Start samba 4.8.2
Run samba-tool dbcheck --reindex

> Sorry,

Don't be, thank you for develloping this tool.

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