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Re: [Samba] sambaundoguidindex

On 6/7/2018 11:33 AM, Renaud via samba wrote:
After a mail mentionning that i cannot run the sambaundoguidindex, here the
error i'm getting :

root@samba:~/samba-4.8.2/source4/scripting/bin# killall samba
root@samba:~/samba-4.8.2/source4/scripting/bin# ./sambaundoguididx
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "./sambaundoguididx", line 54, in <module>
_ldb.LdbError: (32, 'ldb_wait from (null) with LDB_WAIT_ALL: No such object
A transaction is still active in ldb context [0x581b2778] on

Don't really know how to deal with this and google leave me with no clue.



    You should only need to run this script if doing a in place upgrade from 4.7.x to 4.8.0 or 4.8.1 fails. I see you are using 4.8.2. This should have been fixed. Did you upgrade from 4.7.x to 4.8.2 and have issues?

Most likely you will need to restore from backup or create a new DC if you can't run the script.



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