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[Samba] Samba4.6 - Groups creation/import fails


Actually migrating users/groups from samba3 to samba4 (in a separate domaine), i succeeded in importing users/gruops and their attributes. But For a reason i don't know some (a few) groups are not being created, and i get this error:

"Failed to create group "MYGROUP" - samldb: Account name (sAMAccountName) 'MYGROUP' already in use! "

Searching in ADUC no such group exists.
Searching with "wbinfo -g" either

I also tried a dbcheck in case something was corrupt, but had 0 errors to fix.

I also restarted samba/winbind just to see if there were any kind of cache or not. Nothing changed.

Has any of you ever experienced such problems in creating objects that are told to already exist ?

My env: Samba 4.6.4


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