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[Samba] Samba, AD, 'short' name resolving...

Sorry, i'm getting a bit confused about my new Samba/AD domain, related
to the 'short' name resolving.

I was clearly (ab)used to Samba/NT, where WINS make, on LAN, ''flat''
resolving very simple.

I'm moving now from my old NT domains to my new AD domain, and to
prevent massive change i've decided to keep name resolution and DHCP
address assigment out of the AD domain, at least for now.

So, now i've the ''old'' DNS/DHCP on the phisical network name (eg,
'sv.lnf.it' for my network, 'pp.lnf.it' for other) and setup a
different domain, 'ad.fvg.lnf.it', for AD.

Note that i've not only windows client, so DHCP assign IP to every
device on the lan, also non-joined-to-domain hosts.

I'm suffering some ''strangeness'' that i'm not able to ''call by

a) windows hosts get in config as primary DNS suffix the AD domain
 suffix (ad.fvg.lnf.it) and as search domains the AD domain and the
local domain, eg 'pp.lnf.it'.
This seems totally OK to me. I make only a note, because was the first
thing i've verified.
So, AFAI've understood DNS, if i search host 'domcobb', windows client
will try 'domcobb.ad.fvg.lnd.it' first, and after that

b) windows register them on the AD DNS backend seems to me only on join
 phase, but does not update anymore IP. So after some time, DNS
registration in AD DNS start to ''diverge'' from the LAN registration.
There's some way to force DNS AD registration on every boot?
I've tried google with some keyword but with no luck.

c) in the two main networks there's still the old Samba/NT servers with
 the WINS server, server provided to client via DHCP.
But i've setup a new network, with only AD servers, and in this there's
no WINS.
I've was forced to create one, because short names resolution does not

Probably i've done something wrong, but anyway seems that have a WINS
server in a AD domain to resolv local hostname does not hurt. ;-)


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