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Re: [Samba] Recurrent DNS issues after DC loss

On 6/5/2018 2:11 PM, Ole Traupe via samba wrote:
Hi list,

I have a domain in production on two sites (subnets, via "Sites and Services") with originally two DCs. One went down due to HDD (-> old hardware) error. Now, occasionally, clients cant access/find the file server (domain member). This does not occur on all clients at the same time, however, so I am rather sure it is not the file server itself, but a DNS problem.

I couldn't find anything diagnostic in the logs. Default log level was not informative, I think, while log level 10 I just could not handle/analyze properly.

Can someone recommend a log level? Should I look on the DC or on the file server?

Do I have to remove the offline DC completely from DNS and Sites and Services for this mess to stop?

I appreciate any advice.



    If you haven't already removed the dead DC from your network you should do that first.


Your clients DNS may still be pointing to the offline DC causing look up delays. Also did you have your DC's pointing to themselves for DNS or each other?


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