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[Samba] Bug when copying files from a Samba directory mounted by cifs


I've been having a problem copying files from a Samba directory, mounted by cifs
so that it's accessible from a Linux machine.

The autofs service is used to mount the Samba directory on /samba/public/name
with mount options "-fstype=cifs,guest,file_mode=0664,dir_mode=0775".

If I do this:
   touch /samba/public/name/foo    # create an empty file
   cp /samba/public/name/foo .

then the copy of 'foo' seems to keep growing and will eventually fill up the
disk partition, unless the 'cp' process is killed.

I've found I can work around this problem by using 'rsync' or 'smbclient'
instead. 'scp' gives the same problem as 'cp'.

The Samba server is a Docker container running CentOS 6.9, and Samba 3.6.23.

The clients are running OpenSUSE Leap 42.3, and cifs-utils 6.5-5.1.

Can anyone help with this? Is it a known bug?

Thanks for any help.


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