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Re: [Samba] chrony configuration for secondary samba DC

>I feel threaten by authority, in my first post at this mail-list. I'd better shut up.

There's no threat.
I just want to point out that you're asking for help and you're [perhaps unfortunately] dependant on the good-will of those offering free support.
If you want to get help that's more tailored to you and your desired environment, you can pay for support. Sernet offers just that. [And I'm sure there are many other places you can go to get help too.] 

I'd even guess that, if you offered to pay RP $500/hr for his help, he'd be glad to do most anything you want that he's competent to do - including trying to make chrony [or some other ntp package] work.

But to cut down on the time required to help people FOR FREE, there has to be some limit to the variations supported on the list. If you want to play outside that scope it's going to be something you invest your time in, rather than expecting others to respond to your unusual environment. [Even if that different environment scope may well be ultimately good for the community.]

Rowland's been involved in Samba since the first 4.0.0 versions rolled out. [Perhaps even longer, but that's my awareness of his presence here...] 

I did a fair bit of tinkering [and helped on the list/wifi] back then, but faded away, for years. It's kind of hard to see people lob rocks at a guy who has been so consistently giving of his time to help people on the list.

I'm just trying to remind people to be gracious and nice. Rowland's done WAY MORE than his fair share. 

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