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Re: [Samba] chrony configuration for secondary samba DC

Just to make clear how ridiculous this has gotten [Not RP's position, but the "opposition"] let me put the demands in context. I'll just restate them so they are clearly as entitled and crazy as they really are.

>> Ubuntu can recommend what they like, but Samba only recommends and
>> supports ntpd.

RHvs> no, you think so, you even maybe right but all you do in this thread is
RHvs> stating personal opinions

"I demand that you take your time and product, which I've paid nothing for, and use it to support the product in the way I feel entitled to use. I should be able to make demands that you do what I want, even though I'm not paying you a dime, and in which I'm not going to expend my own efforts to support the user who wants to use Chrony. Instead I'm going to criticize RP for not seeing things my way."

RHvs> this is still a *users* list

"I'm going to make demands that you do what I want, and you should listen and do as I say, because I'm a user and so I should make the rules! <stomps feet, falls on ground and screams>"

>> Rowland Penny: Samba team member
RHvs> don't make personal options a technical fact

"It doesn't matter what you think. <pokes fingers in ears and screams "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!">

RP is offering support here, at no cost to any of us.
Samba provides the software for FREE.

And yet you feel free to be borderline abusive in demanding that RP support a piece of software that's outside of the spec advocated by the Samba team? Can you, perhaps, describe what seems to be wrong with this picture?

In the last week or two, I had a problem trying to get a FreeNAS box joined to a pure Samba AD domain. I felt RP was quite helpful, even though I felt he didn't entirely get what/why I was doing things the way I was. [I may well end up being entirely wrong, just to be fair...] I was kind of frustrated. But hell, I'm doing something kind of odd. And I'm doing it in a way that's foreign to the way Samba does things.

So, the only polite response was that I simply let it go. I'll keep struggling to find the best way forward. If/when I do find a way forward, and if it's different than the Samba team recommends, I'll present the details here on the list and get follow-up information. Perhaps "my" way will become the "standard" and get published on the Wiki for everyone else to use. But perhaps I'll find I was a total bonehead and RP was entirely right the whole time and that I was just too un-knowledgeable/stupid/ignorant to understand the issues involved.

But it would be a jerk of a move, for me to demand that RP [or anyone else on the list] do it my way, and find a fix for the problems I'm having, doing things in a way that's far outside the scope of the Samba project to support. That would be an entitled wind-bag approach. 

RP is willing to help get Samba running, and as part of that willingness, he wants you to use NTP only, not Chrony. So, you're welcome to use Chrony and see if you can make it work. But you can't do that AND demand that RP help you. 

If you want to use the BTP [bonehead time protocol] package - that's fine. It will be on your head to demonstrate how it works and see if you can convince the Samba team and others on the list to support your BTP package as "official." And if you fail, a reasonable person would go quitely into the night instead of standing up raging that you should be able to dictate to others who are spending a vast amount of their time helping [for FREE] do it your way.
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