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Re: [Samba] Remove Redundant DCs internal DNS

On 31/05/18 18:44, Andrew Bartlett via samba wrote:
So there is also an easier option in the long term.  Plus we will make
the online demote clean up the extra records.

That would be great, because I've just cleaned up about 40 entries using the Windows DNS Manager gui tool!

I also learnt a lot about adding extra NS and PTR records using this gui tool (mydomain.com and _msdcs.mydomain.com), which would be nice to be able to do using 'samba-tool'.

I have rebooted both DCs and tested logins and DNS. Everything is now definitely quicker without those old DCs in the DNS and AD.

I can now perform the same cleanup on the live production network this weekend.




Paul Littlefield

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