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Re: [Samba] PAM only and Kerberos...

On 05/30/2018 11:02 AM, Marco Gaiarin via samba wrote:
Mandi! Robert Marcano via samba
   In chel di` si favelave...

Yes, check the documentation of krb5.conf.

Ahem, 'apt-get install krb5-doc' misses. ;-)

In summary you will need to
disable dns_canonicalize_hostname dns_lookup_kdc , etc if enabled and set
you admin and kdc hostnames there, something like:

How can i determine kdc and master_kdc values? All DC server are KDC
and the FSMO role are master_kdc?

I wonder if you can choose the master as the more robust (HW and SW) of your DCs, no idea.

On a non AD Kerberos realm you can get from DNS, For example:

  dig +short _kerberos._udp.example.com srv
  dig +short _kerberos-master._udp.example.com srv

both values, but the last one doesn't show on my Samba AD domain (single server)

My installations of Samba as a AD DC are containerized and single server (for now), so I don't know if _kerberos-master._udp doesn't show because there is only one DC or if Samba doesn't setup that record.

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