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Re: [Samba] Q: Samba4 AD DC & small office file sharing

> You seem to be very lucky, there are places that struggle to get one
> server.

No.. Hmm and maybe yes, my friends say im a lucky basterd.. 
But no ,lots of experiance is what got me this far, falling down 1000 times, get up and do it again. 
I think i had todo also with my first computer.. A z80 cpu 3.5mhz. With 16kb ram wow..  ( 1982, zx spectrum ) 
But im getting old here..  ;-) 

Sometimes i reinstall a server 3-4-5 times just to get a perfect install from the start. 
Thats my secret, and keep the changes as little as possible. 

> > 
> > But again my thoughts here.. 
> > 
> > 
> > Greetz, 
> > 
> > Louis
> > 
> Yes thoughts always welcome ;-)
Uh... Not all... Or at least not for this list.  :-))  haha... 



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