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Re: [Samba] Help, DNS forwarding not working!

On 29.05.2018 14:13, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
On Tue, 29 May 2018 14:05:23 +0200
Ole Traupe via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Please ignore, resolved now (although I don't know why or how).
Strange that things always resolve only after (!) posting to this
list. The latter seems to work in magic ways. ;)

Rowland, thank you very much for your quick replay!! I was able to
ping the forwarder, but i wasn't able to resolve any hostnames on the
DCs themselves. After I restarted the samba services, the issue went
away. I did some changes to the smb.conf and only applied them via
"smbcontrol all reload-config". Seems that a complete service restart
was necessary for whatever reason.

Hmm, there is a problem with Bind9, if you reload the config, it falls
over, everybody pointed at Bind9, but now I am not so sure. Could it be
that it is actually a Samba problem ??


I am not sure. I am using the internal DNS server.

So, a while ago I tried to resolve a completely different issue with DNS (interference by a Windows security software module with TLS encrypted traffic).

I tried a different (valid as such) DNS forwarder and apparently entered an incorrect value - and applied that modification via "smbcontrol all reload-config". It did not have an effect, and so I forgot about it. Until restarting my DCs due to different reasons one after the other. Then I found the mistake and corrected it, but again that didn't help - until I realized that I need to restart the service (which was done implicitly via the machine reboot). So basically, I do these things not often enough to remember their peculiarities.

However, if DNS resolver changes should apply via "smbcontrol all reload-config", then there clearly is something wrong.

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