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[Samba] client mount options for both Mac OS X and old Samba 3.5.2 servers

I'm trying to configure a Linux autofs script to mount our various SMB shares, but different servers seem to require different, incompatible options.

So I wonder if I'm just not using the right combination of options, or if there is a way in my autofs script to detect what will be needed for that particular smb server.

The servers are:

- Windows 7, Windows 10

- Debian 8, 9, Ubuntu 16.04 (smbd 4.2.14, 4.5.12, 4.3.11)

- Qnap (Samba 3.5.2 with "client NTLMv2 auth = Yes" and "unix extensions = No")

- MacOS Sierra 10.12

Windows and Mac clients can access all the shares on the network. But:

- to mount Mac shares on Linux, I need the option "vers=2.1"

- to mount the Qnap (smbd 3.5.2) shares, I need "vers=1.0"

Are there any mount.cifs options which would first try vers=2.1, and fallback to vers=1.0 if needed? Or any reliable way to determine in a script what will be needed for a particular smb server, before calling "mount -t cifs ..." ?



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