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[Samba] vfs objects recycle can not exclude profile directory

hello, everyone. I'm have a file server using samba 4.7.1 and it is a domain member.
I'm using the vfs objects "recycle". everything works ok except that I have add the "profiles" directory as an exclude_dir in vfs recycle, but when I delete a file in \\profiles\myusername.V2\Desktop\filename.txt, the file goes to \\recycle. It seems that the exclue rule do not take effect in the "profiles" , but works ok in other exclude_dir !  here is my code in smb.conf

vfs objects = acl_xattr full_audit recycle
        recycle:repository = /srv/samba/recycle/%U
        recycle:touch = Yes
        recycle:keeptree = Yes
        recycle:versions = Yes
        recycle:noversions = *.tmp,*.temp,*.o,*.obj,*.TMP,*.TEMP
        recycle:exclude = *.tmp,*.temp,*.o,*.obj,*.TMP,*.TEMP *~$*
        recycle:exclude_dir = recycle,tmp,temp,TMP,TEMP,profiles,%U.V2

        path = /srv/samba/users/
        read only = no

        path = /srv/samba/profiles/
        read only = no
        recycle:exclude = *.*
        recycle:exclude_dir = *

        path = /srv/samba/recycle/
        read only = no
        recycle:exclude = *.*
        recycle:exclude_dir = *


every version of samba have the same issue. anything wrong in my code ?


yours Adam
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