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[Samba] [777] Trust relationship between different domains and locations

hello folks,

Elias Pereira via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks for the link Rowland!
> I read some of the old topics on the list, regarding trust
> relationship between two different domains and said that samba could
> not support. I think it was 2011 topics.
> Today, with so many updates, is it already supported?

Rowland wrote:

However, trusts have been improved and should now work correctly
> (provided you use a new enough version of Samba)

Today I installed the new 4.8 version provided via Louis apt source.

I tried config trusts via via RSAT and in the end of config shows "The
operation failed. Error: The security ID structure is invalid." error.

Another point is, when I configure the NS entry via DNS manager for trust
external domain zone, the validate occurs with error. Shows "Validation
error, please try again later."

I tried to follow the link below.

Should I configure the trust relationship via RSAT or via samba-tool?

Elias Pereira
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