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Re: [Samba] RSAT Hang

On Tue, 22 May 2018 13:38:22 -0700
Gregory Sloop via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >> >> starts with after an initial provision.]
> >> RPvs> Administrator  doesn't get any privileges normally, but it
> >> RPvs> does inherit all the 'Administrators' group privileges, but
> >> RPvs> even this group doesn't get them all AND they only apply to
> >> RPvs> the DC. You need to create them on each Unix machine.
> >> RPvs>  
> >> Yeah, I get that too. But since I'm simply doing user/computer
> >> maintenance in RSAT [in the AD], then Administrator _should_ have
> >> the correct privs to do what's required, right?

Your very first post says that RSAT hangs when you try to view the
security tab, this is where the NTFS permissions are viewed/changed and
to do this, the user must be known to the underlying OS 
> But I'm not doing anything on any file system. I'm using RSAT against
> the Ubuntu Samba AD DC ONLY. 

If you are trying to alter something on the DC, it gets a bit easier,
as this uses idmap.ldb and ALL the users & groups are known to the OS,
provided libnss_winbind etc is set up correctly.
> [Not that it matters yet, but the FreeNAS version I'm running has
> Samba 4.7.0 on it. But again, we've not gotten to any point where the
> NAS is talking to the AD DC, or sharing files. I'm doing the work
> (following the NAS docs) to get a computer and user account setup so
> I can work on configuring the NAS as the next step.]

I do not understand what the user account you are setting up is for and
you do not need to set up the computer account, 'net ads join -U
Administrator' will do this for you.

> Again, I get that we'll get into Unix/AD user mix once we get to
> actually sharing files and setting shared file permissions. But,
> again, I'm simply trying to configure the AD *Computer* account via
> RSAT. 
> Like this: 
> Open RSAT. [AD Users and Computers]
> Go to the AD Domain, expand it.
> View | Advanced features
> Locate the AD Computer account I've already created.
> Right Click | Properties
> Try to move to the "Security" tab.
> And it hangs.

This is probably because you do not need to do this, set up smb.conf
etc correctly, stop all Samba processes and then run 'net ads join -U
Administrator' enter Administrators password when prompted and the
computer account will be created for you.

> >> In the setup steps for the NAS, I'm instructed to modify a setting
> >> on the "security" tab in RSAT for the computer account [which I
> >> created above] When I try to view the "security" tab of a user or
> >> computer object, RSAT hangs.

Let me guess, The instructions are for joining to a windows AD DC ?


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