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Re: [Samba] AD dropping connection from storage cluster

On Sat, 2018-05-19 at 22:53 +0100, Zdravko Zdravkov via samba wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> Since yesterday we started experiencing very weird problem with our samba
> AD server and our Isilon storage. This seems to affect only the storage, as
> our Windows workstations are fine.
> Suddenly the storage lost connectivity to the AD and so it's unable to
> provide access to the SMB shares. I've tried rejoining without success and
> whatnot.
> Today I even created second AD dc for the sake of tests (using Fedora just
> for the newer samba + bind packages). After fiddling around it eventually
> started working and kept the connectivity for about 30-40 min. At that
> point suddenly it dropped it again. One thing I noticed is that changing
> any of the AD settings in the OneFS management page instantly get the
> connection back for another 30 min.
> I know, it may look as OneFS issue, but since Samba is involved as well I
> decided to reach for some help or pointers for debugging this.

Grab a network trace, particularly as the point where it fails.

Andrew Bartlett

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