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[Samba] gpo problem

we have a strange problem with the "Default Domain Policy". Sometimes on
different PC the drivmappings are not working. When we do a "gpupdate
/force" we get an errormessage that the "default domain policy" is not
working for both the user-GPOs and the machine-GPOs. We checked the
permissions with "samba-tool ntacl sysvolcheck" and with "samba-tool gpo
aclcheck" and everything is ok no messages.
Up to this point we did not do any changes to this GPO. Other PC will
work correctly. Then we did a change to the GPO and replicated the GPO
to the other DC. After we made the change, the PC will get the
drivemappings. We can then reset the GPO, replicate it and it's still
working. We had this here with several PC but not with all.
Any one of you had this problem before and has a solution?


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