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Re: [Samba] multiple domain served by Samba

Hi All,

thanks for the reply.

Because of the small size of the second company I don't really want to create a container for them (and configure all of the services for them). I'm wondering if it is possible to create an 'alias' for a domain (like I do it with Exim and vhosts or Apache and vhosts). In this imagined world everybody would be able to login to the clients and services as 'company\user' and 'othercompany\user' with the same username and password. ...and I would tell the othercompany's users, please use othercompany\user form and for my company's users that please use company\user form (like they already do this). ...and if the second company is larger, I can migrate them easily to an own 'server' / container.

Thank you in advance.


PS: I'm really satisfied with Samba AD, it works like I expected. (The only thing is that the AD DC linux machine can't use the RFC fields to determine the home directory and the shell. If it worked, I would be the happiest of the office. :-) ) Thank you Samba guys, you saved me from buying of an M$ server. :-)

Németh Ákos

e-mail: nemethakos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
web: http://f-labor.mkt.bme.hu/~akos

2018.05.14. 11:20 keltezéssel, Andrew Bartlett via samba írta:
On Mon, 2018-05-14 at 10:20 +0200, Németh Ákos Ferenc via samba wrote:
Dear All,

I have a working Samba AD for my company (company.intranet) under
Debian/GNU. Now I'm requested to create a domain for another company.
Can I use the same server with the same Samba for multiple domain? Can
same samba serve parallel the company.intranet (with company\user) and
the othercompany.intranet (othercompany\user) domains? May I just run
the samba-tool provision to create the second domain?

What is the best practice to separate the users of different companies
and manage all of them under the same server?
Multiple VMs is the best bet.  While it is attractive to try and bind
multiple Samba installs to different IPs, Samba is easiest to
administer with nss_winbind operating and that means one winbindd and
that means one domain per 'server'.

Containers, provided they support xattrs, may also be an option.

Finally, I'm glad Samba is going so well that you want to start another
domain.  Congrats!

Andrew Bartlett

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