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Re: [Samba] move from netatalk to samba + vfsfruit

Am 13.05.2018 um 12:11 schrieb Reindl Harald via samba:
> since "ea = samba" was only added to very recent netatalk versions and
> so don't apply to files with a history of many years what is the way to
> go get rid of netatalk these days?
> is there still no tool to read/write the existing netatalk appladouble
> extended attributes which are *not* compatible with samba and write them
> back in the new format?
> afp.conf:
> appledouble = ea
> ea = samba
> smb.conf:
> vfs objects = catia fruit streams_xattr
> ea support = yes

the whole topic is confusing


    ea support = Yes
    vfs objects = catia fruit streams_xattr
    fruit:locking = netatalk
    fruit:encoding = native
    streams_xattr:prefix = user.
    streams_xattr:store_stream_type = no

streams_xattr:prefix = STRING
Name prefix used when storing an ADS in an xattr, defaults to
user.DosStream.. Changing this will also expose ADS over the SMB
extended attributes interface

so the defaults are not suiteable?

hell, what is the way to go switch all clients using samba without lose
data like old fonts which have important data in the resource fork
*without* create a new share and copy all data from a Apple client
around what takes ages, changes fileowner and is difficult when the
admin is a Linux user with no Apple machine and the daily work should
not get blocked for hours?

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