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[Samba] How to survive from connection loss with durable file handle

 Hi All,

I have configured samba on RHEL 7.4 with samba-4.6.6. I have 2 NICs
configured on this machine. To test durable file handle functionality I
mounted the samba share on windows 10 machine and copied video file and
start playing it. While video was playing, from linux machine I did ifdown
and ifup of NIC, duration of down and up is 15/20 sec, but observed that
video stopped playing and connection/session is broken during this time.

As per information which I gather after search on google, with durable file
handle feature of samba, application can survive with short network
disconnect.  I did the required setting in smb.conf file which require to
enable the durable file handle.

i.e. kernel oplocks = no, kernel share modes = no,  posix locking = no and
durable handles = yes

Can someone guide me for how to achieve the uninterrupted IO? Do I need to
do any setting for this on samba server side or client side?

Sandeep Jakka.
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