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Re: [Samba] Samba4 on Ubuntu 18.04

On Tue, 8 May 2018 21:19:13 -0700
Gregory Sloop via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> MBvs> On the AD Server i got a problem with the internal DNS from
> MBvs> samba because systemd-resolver thought it is the DNS boss now.
> MBvs> I disabled systemd-resolve (systemctl disable
> MBvs> systemd-resolved.service) and mange the resolve.conf manually.
> Thanks a bunch for that tip. I was having DNS issues, but hadn't yet
> gotten to the bottom of it, and this turned out to be the cause of
> one of my major issues. Thanks again!!!
> MBvs> Some tips before you install samba:
> MBvs> - If not needed uninstall "cloud init" (some trouble with
> MBvs> setting hostname and  /etc/hosts file):
> I've left cloud init active and seem to be able to set the hostname
> fine. Am I missing something - or is cloud init a. more or less,
> minor issue?
> MBvs> # 
> MBvs> https://makandracards.com/operations/42688-how-to-remove-cloud-init-from-ubuntu
> MBvs> - If youre using ntp, disable systemd's timesyncd service (ntp
> MBvs> service will now start after reboot)
> MBvs> # timedatectl set-ntp off
> I think I've already got this set.
> All in all, very helpful info. 
> I haven't had a lot of time to tinker today, so we'll see how far I
> get tomorrow. I'm very grateful for all the pointers, but special
> thanks for Micha!
> [And, not wanting to start any flame-wars here but, I'm not so
> thrilled about systemd either. But I'll probably have to learn to
> live with it.]
> -Greg

OK, flame-war on ;-)
As standard I use Devuan mainly because of systemd. When it was first
announced, systemd was just going to be a replacement for sysvinit,
which I must admit is a bit long in the tooth, if it had stopped at
that point, it probably would have been a good idea. However, it hasn't
stopped there, every time you turn around, it has sucked in something
else, for instance, is there really a need for another resolver ???

You stick with systemd if you like, Linux is supposed to be a free
choice, so I will choose Devuan instead.

Stands back and waits for all the systemd fanbois.


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