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Re: [Samba] re: re: access domain via ldap failed

On Tue, 08 May 2018 20:13:15 +0800
"ryanyang51@xxxxxxx" <ryanyang51@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> What do you mean 'or selinux'? I use samba in sles11 and centos7.
> Does it matter?

What I was trying to say was, is a firewall blocking any required
ports, or is something denying samba access to files, such as selinux.

I mentioned selinux because up until now, you have never mentioned your
distro, just that you wanted to create rpms and the main user of rpms
is red hat distros (as in Red hat Package Manager), but as you are
using sles11, I suppose I should also mention apparmor.


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