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[Samba] Change of behavior samba 3.6 and 4.5


I'm in the process of replacing my samba server 3.6.x (Debian wheezy, stable) to samba 4.5.x (Debian stretch, stable).

I'm facing one mageor opstacle:

When I do "net view \\<SAMBA-3-SERVER>" a list of the available shares is displayed. But if I do the same command "net view <\\SAMBA-4-SERVER>" I get the following error:

"System error 5 has occurred.

Access is denied."

If I enter the username/password when prompted everything is working as expected.

Obviously, there has been some mageor changes between samba 3.x and samba 4.x but I can't seam to find an explanation for this behavior.

Is there a way to get the samba 3.x behavior on samba 4.x?

In other words: why do I need to enter credentials prior to be able to "net view" the available shares.

John Doe

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