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Re: [Samba] Is a password required for the Linux account?

Am 04.05.2018 um 16:47 schrieb Chris Weiss via samba:
> no, samba runs as root, root can do whatever it needs.  this is also why
> you shouldn't have samba on a web server.

but not the worker process

> there are many tools to get ssh/sftp paths as a local windows file.  I
> really suggest you go that route if this internet facing.

have fun in a mixed network Linux/Mac/Windows

> you can do whatever you want, but you do need to know that what you're
> trying to do here is a Bad Thing.  you're setting yourself with an insecure
> system, and that never ends well.  and also Word makes terribly bloated
> pages.  why not use a CMS or a wiki?  right tool for the job

and you edit the files and templates how?
how do you put the CMS on a new webspace to start with?

nobody right in his mind has samba listening outside a VPN/LAN on a
webserver, but protect samba itself from webserver processes is quite
easy as there is also no need for access ftp from the machine itself

REJECT     tcp  --  lo     *  
    multiport dports 21,137,138,139,445 ctstate NEW reject-with

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