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[Samba] Upgrading Samba 4 server [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

I am running several small networks with Samba 4 acting as AD/DC.

I want to upgrade the OS and Samba on the older servers. But I understand that to upgrade the OS, I need to do a new install (at least to get from Centos 6 to 7). I don't have the luxury of new hardware, so creating a secondary DC and taking over from PDC is not an option.

These are small networks so recreating the data should be relatively trivial. But I need the process to be transparent to the users and to Windows.

My idea is to:

Remove all PCs from domain
Install the latest CentOS and Samba 4 (new hard drive) on the server using the same host name, ip and domain name as before.
Recreate users.
Rejoin all PCs to domain.

Will windows recognise the recreated domain user accounts as being the same as the old accounts?

Is this approach feasible?

I would appreciate any hints.

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