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[Samba] unexplained Replication failures...?

Hi all,

I'm running in circles trying to debug replication failures on samba 4.7.6:

dc00 : is a VM on KVM host (attached to a bridge on local LAN)
dc01 : is a similarly configured VM on another KVM host.

I've forcibly demoted and re-promoted dc01 but I still cannot get automatic replication to work:

root@dc00 ~]# samba-tool drs showrepl
DSA Options: 0x00000001
DSA object GUID: 204cb904-754b-4457-af09-9347f8714006
DSA invocationId: b72fc409-bf9a-45e2-a623-0e668386536a


        Krynn\DC01 via RPC
                DSA object GUID: 9ac5b74a-383a-4336-9c5d-978b45bad9c9
                Last attempt @ Thu May  3 18:50:52 2018 EDT failed, result 87 (WERR_INVALID_PARAMETER)
                4 consecutive failure(s).
                Last success @ NTTIME(0)

All of these show 'Last success @ NTTIME(0)'.

I can force replication manually just fine but automatic replication doesn't seem to work.

[root@dc00 ~]# samba-tool dbcheck
Checking 351 objects
Checked 351 objects (0 errors)
[root@dc00 ~]# samba-tool drs replicate DC01 DC00 dc=ad,dc=lasthome,dc=solace,dc=krynn --sync-forced --full-sync
Replicate from DC00 to DC01 was successful.

Any ideas?


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