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[Samba] samba 4 joining samba 3 pdc - group mismatch

Hi all

Background: I am not a samba expert, not even close!

I have a ancient samba 3 (Server role: ROLE_DOMAIN_PDC) and I intend to
migrate all files to a samba 4 (Server role: ROLE_DOMAIN_MEMBER)

Users will stay in S3 for now.

Samba 4 joined samba 3 with no problems.
I rsync'ed all files and its permissions (rsync -a ...).

I cannot find a way that makes S4 sees S3 users and groups in a "ordered" manner.

"id some_user" returns "almost" valid data for some users and 
"id: ‘some_user’: no such user" for others.
I say "almost" because not all groups for all users are returned.

	S4# id jgarcia
	uid=10000(jgarcia) gid=100513(none) \

jgarcia id should be 101016 (100000 + 1016), and there are missing groups

	S3# id jgarcia
	uid=1016(jgarcia) gid=1094(jgarcia)\

For groups is about the same.
for instance: 
	S4# wbinfo --gid-info 100513
	S4# wbinfo -G 100513

Where did this group "513" come from ?? "Domain Users" ?? 
If so, why the group name does not come along ??

What smb.conf options should I care so that S4 sees S3 users and groups 
like S4[ug]id=S3[ug]id+100000 ??
"idmap config" seams not to be effective.

Is there any options in S3 that I should also change??

How do I make S4 "forget" everything it learned so far about uids and gids from
S3 so I can start fresh??



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