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Re: [Samba] Samba AD - Join MAC

On 4/19/2018 9:28 AM, Micha Ballmann via samba wrote:
Hello Community,

im joining several macintosh workstations to my samba AD. First of all, it works pretty well and im able to authenticate/login my AD user on a mac.

Server: Ubuntu 16.04

SAMBA: 4.7.7


Everytime when a mac starts up, some log entries are shown in log.samba. Looks like (Its not a flood, about 4 messages for each client):

[2018/04/19 14:35:04.645001,  0] ../source4/dns_server/dns_update.c:407(handle_one_update)
  Can't handle updates of type 255 yet
[2018/04/19 14:52:43.556390,  0] ../source4/dns_server/dns_update.c:407(handle_one_update)
  Can't handle updates of type 255 yet
[2018/04/19 14:52:43.915746,  0] ../source4/dns_server/dns_update.c:407(handle_one_update)
  Can't handle updates of type 255 yet
[2018/04/19 15:02:25.312616,  0] ../source4/dns_server/dns_update.c:407(handle_one_update)
  Can't handle updates of type 255 yet
[2018/04/19 15:02:25.692692,  0] ../source4/dns_server/dns_update.c:407(handle_one_update)
  Can't handle updates of type 255 yet


Everytime when a mac starts up, during the login process, one samba process/CPU core is running on 100%. After successful login there is no more CPU peak to see. The login time is about 30-60 second.

I hope you can help me to understand these messages or behavior.

Withe best regards


I'm assuming you are using the internal DNS and not bind? If so it looks as if Samba doesn't support the request type.


   switch (update->rr_type) {
        case DNS_QTYPE_A:
        case DNS_QTYPE_NS:
        case DNS_QTYPE_CNAME:
        case DNS_QTYPE_SOA:
        case DNS_QTYPE_PTR:
        case DNS_QTYPE_MX:
        case DNS_QTYPE_AAAA:
        case DNS_QTYPE_SRV:
        case DNS_QTYPE_TXT:
                DEBUG(0, ("Can't handle updates of type %u yet\n",
                return DNS_ERR(NOT_IMPLEMENTED);

Google searching DNS type 255 (RFC 1035) states it's "A request for all records". You could run a trace and see what application is requesting this record type.

As far as the cpu usage. I do not know.


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