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[Samba] Wing's repo, rpms & upgrades

Hi All,

I started using Samba as an AD DC on el7 a few weeks ago. I have some questions for others who mights also be using Wing's rpms on el7 (http://wing-net.ddo.jp/wing).

A) Is there a wiki/issues page for that repo? I could not find any..

B) is that the only repo of samba rpms available for el7/centos7?

C) Is there a reason why samba46-4.6.14 is the latest available version? Are 4.7.x and 4.8.x not considered stable? -47 and -48 rpms are available in the repo but they're not visible in the main tree because they're under 'extras' (http://wing-net.ddo.jp/wing/extras/7/x86_64 ).

D) How complex is it to update a Samba AD DC to a newer minor version? (E.g: 4.6.x to 4.7.x) Is a 'yum update' usually sufficient or are there some db actions that are required?



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