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[Samba] wiki suggestions


This is a collection of notes that I took while setting up an AD-DC. I do not want to edit the Wiki pages myself, without first asking experts whether my assumptions are correct.



On page
the section
  Configuring Winbindd on a Samba AD DC
is not necessary, because the same info is also included in the next section.


The page
recommends "uname -i"
but that does not work in Debian because
(it does work in Ubuntu).

The page
recommends "uname -m"
(works in Ubuntu as well).

Is there a reason why the first page not also suggests "uname -m"?
Are there Linux distributions where "i" works but "m" does not?


The page
has an info-box regarding symbolic links to libnss_winbind.

The page
has the same text, but as bullet point.

Eventhough the info-box is much bigger than the bullet point, I recommend to make it a bullet point on both pages, because on my first tries I skipped the info-box, because it is just info, does not look like a required step.


Is the symbolic link to libnss a required step for a AD-DC with no local users, used only as DC and fileserver? Somehow I still have not found out why sometimes RSAT works and sometimes not. Maybe libnss is required for RSAT and I sometimes forget this step.

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