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Re: [Samba] User idmap lost

On 04/06/2018 02:54 AM, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
I think you are running into this bug:

Thanks Rowland. This bug was indeed the problem. I am not sure why it decided to rear its ugly head now but it did.

It turns out my account was immune to it because when I switched over from the RID to AD backend I had made my uidNumber the same as the xidNumber. However my wife's account's uidNumber was my uidNumber +1. But that was not the xidNumber in the idmap.ldb. I removed the offending idmap.ldb entries, changed uidNumbers to something more reasonable and then ran chown to repossess our user directories & files. Everything is working like it is supposed to now.

Paul (ganci@xxxxxxxxxx)
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