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Re: [Samba] User idmap lost

Some more information. RSAT on the windows 10 client shows all the proper UNIX attributes. The uidNumber is the correct 3001108. So I removed the idmap.ldb entry for my wife's sid and restarted the AD. The new idmap entry was created and I noticed that getent returned the xidNumber from the new entry. It appears that the AD is ignoring the UNIX attributes altogether for my wife's account. I honestly do not know what is special about her account as my account is setup in exactly the same manner.

This is absolutely messed up. I re-created my wife's account. I added the UNIX attributes changing the uidNumber=10001 and I changed my uidNumber=10000 and gave the group domain users gidNumber=10513. I then restarted the server and issued a net cache flush probably 10 times


I then do:

> cd /home
> ls -altn
drwx------+ 82   10000   10513 20480 Apr  5 23:36 me
drwx------+ 43 3000112 3000513  4096 Apr  4 18:28 mywife
>getent passwd
MYHOME\prg-11868bg:*:10000:3000513:Paul R. Ganci:/home/prg-11868bg:/bin/bash

It seems after some small length of time the domain users group gidNumber reverts to its xidNumber as does my wife's uidNumber. I have no idea why this would occur and don't know where to begin to debug the problem. Any pointers would be appreciated.
Paul (ganci@xxxxxxxxxx)
Cell: (303)257-5208
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